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YOUR STYLE PARTNER SINCE 2005                                                 
FREE SHIPPING OVER $50 | GET extra 10% OFF. No minimum. CODE: SPECIAL10


How do I Make a Customized T- Shirt Order?

We offer our customers the chance to customize their favorite t-shirts from our collections. To make a customized T-shirt order, all you need do is send us your preferences which should include the name or inscription, the year, and the name of your city. Once we have received your written order, we would commence work immediately.

However, you must be clear with your orders as we do not make exchanges or returns on orders. The only reason we could do this is if your good arrives damaged, or different from the order(s) you have sent in. In such a case, we would take responsibility by reworking the order to deliver your exact specification.

Would Your Shirts Fit?

Our T-Shirts come in various sizes in a bid to accommodate every individual. This means you should be able to get a shirt that would be quite fitting regardless of your size. We also advise that you look up our various collections on our website by checking the various sizes of the t-shirts available and comparing them to what you currently wear. As a result of this, we are confident you would be able to make the right orders that would be fitting to you.

How Soon Before an Order is Shipped?

As a business, we try as much as possible to deliver our services effectively and efficiently. This means we are not only concerned about the quality of the goods we send out but also about how fast we can get things done while still maintaining the desired quality level. As such, when you send in an order, we try as much as possible to fulfill your orders and ship out your goods within a 3–5 day time frame.

We have been able to work with this timeline successfully in fulfilling most of our orders and we intend to keep to the timeframe. However, you must also know that there have been occasions when we have found it impossible to get things done within the 3–5 day timeframe due to circumstances beyond our controls, but our target is within the said timeframe and we are going to work as hard as we can to keep it that way.

How Does Your Shipping Work?

We work with a wide range of shipping companies because of our desire to ship out orders to customers from all parts of the world. Once your order is ready, we reach out to one of our shipping companies and they would take up the responsibility of delivering the goods to you wherever you are.

Ideally, domestic orders may take between 3 to 7 business days to arrive, while the international orders usually take a bit longer and can be expected to get to their destinations between 7 to 14 business days. You should also know that international packages might attract additional tariffs which vary from country to country.

What are the Acceptable Payment Methods on Your Site?

Our site accepts all the major credit cards as a means of payment. We also accept PayPal, and Shopify is our official e-commerce provider.

How Secure is Your Site?

Our site is built to withstand any cyber attack and protect the interest of our customers. We conduct over a million transactions monthly on our site and never for once has there been any complaint from anyone about the safety of our site.

What if I Typed in the Wrong Address?

Typing in a wrong address when sending in order is an issue we have faced on many occasions. Although, we have always found a way to resolve it, you must know it is not a situation we love. As such, we always advise every customer making an order to send in the correct address as there is no way for us to find out if what you have sent in is right or wrong. In situations where you discover you have sent in a wrong address, you can quickly send in a mail to rectify it before the good is shipped out. If the correction isn’t made before the goods are shipped out, then, we are powerless to influence things.

If a good is unclaimed and returned due to a wrong address, then you would have to contact us through a mail by sending in the correct address, and we would include your goods with the next shipment. However, this would come at an additional cost to you. The cost is usually $x for domestic and $x for international shipments.

Can I Edit My Order?

Yes, you can. But this privilege would be available for the first 1 hour after your order. If you didn’t carry out the editing within this time frame, it might be difficult to reverse your order. If you can beat the deadline though, our team would get to work immediately and get back to you regarding your edit within an 1 hour timeframe.

What if I want to Cancel an Order?

Canceling an order might be quite difficult as we pride ourselves in efficiency. Once we receive an order, our team immediately gets to work on said order in order to give our customers their desired needs as soon as possible.

However, if the cancellation of the order comes in quickly within an hour period, we might be able to help you in facilitating the action. Email us and we will happy to assist you in all possible ways. 

Can I Exchange or Return a Shirt?

There is a possibility for you to return or exchange a shirt. The return must be done within 7 days after the product has been delivered to you. However, we do not accept the return of a customized shirt as it has been made especially for you according to your demands.

What Else do I Need to Know?

There is still a lot to know about our company and how we handle our orders and shipments. To know more about us, simply visit our website, or Contact Us to learn more.